Lady Cavs Quarantined


After finishing a mandated COVID-19 quarantine the Lady Cavalier Volley Ball team was ready to start their season. After making it to the states last year they were looking forward to starting the season off strong with the help of the incoming freshman. Unfortunately, the volleyball girls are quarantined again after a student who tested positive for COVID-19 used a volleyball during gym class, contaminating it. 

In an interview with Loren Hanna, a senior at West and defensive specialist for the Lady Cavs, she explained what it was like missing the first week of her senior year. “When I got the message that I had to quarantine, I was devastated that I was going to miss my first day of senior year,” Hanna said, “Seeing the pictures and posts from my peers on social media didn’t make it any better.”

The volleyball team spent the first week of school messaging one another sharing their disappointment. “I understood why we had to quarantine. If we hadn’t, we would have put many others at risk of getting sick.” 

As COVID-19 cases rise and more students are quarantined we must continue to social distance and wear our masks properly. Getting the vaccine is imperative to stopping the spread of the virus. Check with your local pharmacies and physician offices to get yours today.