East Coast Gas Shortage


This week the Colonial Pipeline database was the victim of a cybersecurity attack by Darkside, a group of criminal hackers. The ransomware severely disrupted the flow of gasoline and jet fuel throughout the east coast. On the Colonial Pipeline website, it is stated “Colonial Pipeline is taking steps to understand and resolve this issue. At this time, our primary focus is the safe and efficient restoration of our service and our efforts to return to normal operation. This process is already underway, and we are working diligently to address this matter and to minimize disruption to our customers and those who rely on Colonial Pipeline.”

Across the nation, many rushed to panic buy fuel. Here in West Virginia, many local gas stations ran out of fuel for a short time, not due to the pipeline status, but due to the amount of individuals panic buying gas. Senator Stephen Balwin said the following yesterday on his Facebook page:

“Let’s all take a deep breath.
1) WV is not significantly supplied by the Colonial Pipeline. We get only a small amount from it. Colonial is also expected to be back up online within a few days.
2) Gas supplies in the national strategic reserve are high right now.
3) The only way we will experience gas shortages is if we cause them. If that happens, as it did today, local stations will be restocked in short order. But lines will form and prices will go up due to the unnecessary demand we create.
4) Essential employees and first responders need access to fuel daily. They will be in a short-term pinch if these runs on gas continue.
5) I know our nerves are shot. Mine are too. Common sense and basic decency are in short supply these days. So let’s all take a deep breath and not make this crazy world any crazier.”