End of the Road…


Maddi Richmon

The Dream Team: Pack, Boggs, McClung, and Vaughn rest for a minute at the 2021 West Virginia State Basketball Tournament.

Madison Winfrey, Sports Writer

On May 3rd our Cavaliers traveled to the Charleston Civic Center to compete in the Boys Basketball State Tournament. On their way 0ut, all of Greenbrier West lined the hallways for a clap out and the boys were given an escort by the fire department and police department. All of Charmco stood outside to wave them off and cheer them on from home.

Boys Basketball team gets an official escort out of Charmco.
The West Boys Basketball team gets an official escort out of Charmco. Photographer: Maddi Richmond

There in Charleston, they competed against Pendleton County at 9:30 a.m. Although there were some doubts, our team held their own and kept a close game. They were focused and strategic up until the second half. Towards the beginning of the third quarter, our boys began to rush themselves, the plays and the game. This is when they started to make unnecessary mistakes and miss easy shots.

As the fourth quarter was just getting started, point guard Kaiden Pack fouled out and had to sit the rest of the game. He was very disappointed but put on a brave face for his team. He continued to cheer them on and give them hope from the bench.

After losing one of our star players, we slowly began to lose the game which then led Coach Rob to put in the JV players towards the very end. The game came to a sad loss of 45 – 59. You could feel the sadness and disappointment of our players, especially the seniors and starters. Although the season is over and we will miss the Cavaliers that are leaving us, I know I can’t wait to see what the team has to offer next year!