A Look at Cavalier Culinary


Kristen McClung, Writer

Here at Greenbrier West High School, there are multiple programs within the school. One of the demanding programs within the school is Cavalier Culinary. Megan McClung, sous-chefs, and Kendra Lester, the personal manager of culinary have come together to explain everything about culinary for those who want to go into the class or are just curious.

Most days in the class are spent preparing for specific events such as Teacher Lunch. However, this year Teacher Lunch has been changed to Teacher Breakfast due to COVID-19 restrictions. Some events have been canceled due to COVID-19, like the annual culinary competition.
Teacher breakfast has a menu for teachers to choose from, including hash browns, scrambled eggs, and french toast. Every once in a while, Chef Foley will have his culinary students make coffee and muffins for kids or teachers to purchase.
When culinary students are working in the kitchen, they have to wear specific attire. This attire includes nonslip shoes, a hat, black pants, and a short-sleeve shirt. This attire is chosen to protect workers from accidents in the kitchen and is in accordance with food handling guidelines in West Virginia. Managers in culinary must explain the dress code to other coworkers before they go into the kitchen.

Inside the culinary classroom, there are two kitchens: a prep kitchen and an industrial kitchen. The prep kitchen is used for food preparation for teacher lunches, coffee and muffins, and other after-school events. The prep kitchen has an industrial-grade oven that has six eyes, an industrial-sized mixer, two big shelves that hold all utensils the chef may need, the three-tank sink. The kitchen also has a large griddle students use to make breakfast sandwiches and quesadillas, as well as a steam table that helps to keep the food warm.
Beside the industrial kitchen, there are two more rooms: a dining room and the dry storage room. The dry storage room where ingredients are kept with industrial refrigeration. The dining room is where guests are seated during after-school events.

Within this culinary class, there is a hierarchy. Chef Foley is head chef. There are positions under head chef such as sous-chefs and manager. When students begin culinary, they have to work their way up. They’ll start at the very bottom and be considered a “little kid”, someone who is new to the class and is in training. After two years in culinary, students will then be “big kids”, and some are promoted to manager positions.
If you are interested in the foodservice industry Cavalier Culinary might be for you. The class comes with many benefits like free food, a community, and a food handler’s card. Students in culinary work tirelessly to bring great food to the students and faculty at Greenbrier West.