Madison Winfrey, Sports Writer

On April 20th, Greenbrier West went up against Richwood in our first sectional game. The boys played hard and ended the game 100-46. Even though we have a record of beating Richwood, the boys took the game serious and played to their best ability. After talking to a few of the players about the game, Kadin Parker said, “Everyone knew we were better than Richwood, but we came out with the minds

et that we were playing Webster or harder teams in a big game.” The boys really played as a team and it showed on the court. They all went in with the same mindset: win. Michael Kanode said, “Everyone was on the same page, we all worked together well.” Our own player, Kaiden Pack, reached 1,000 points at this game. He’s been working at it for a long time and this a feat that not a lot of players get. To be able to get there,

it takes a lot of hard work, sweat, time and patience. We talked to Kaiden and he said, “It was a big weight off my shoulders after I hit 1,000, now I can step back and try and go for the assist record. We played our best game against Richwood and shared the ball and I feel like we need to keep that going in order to go to states.” Since they beat Richwood, they are guaranteed two more games win or lose.


On April 22nd, our boys traveled to Webster to play in our next sectional game. Our boys were very persistent and kept focus. Even though the game came to a sad loss of 64-52, we will still play another game. This game will decide if they go to states or if it’s the end of the season. 

On April 28th, West and James Monroe went head to head in a season defining game. Both teams played amazing offense and defense keeping the score tight. Kaiden Pack put the game into overtime with a three point, buzzer beater. The boys continued fighting for the road to states. The game came to a close call of 64-57… WE ARE GOING TO STATES! 

The boys will travel to Charleston Civic Center on Tuesday, May 4th at 9:30 am. They will go head to head against Pendleton County who is undefeated and is ranked 3th in the A Division while we are ranked 8th with eleven wins and seven losses. Although they look better statistically, our Cavaliers have better focus and more heart. Our boys are hungry for the state championship and will do anything they can to get it. Good luck Cavaliers!