Lady Cavs VS James Monroe

Madison Winfrey, Sports Writer

On March 31st, our Lady Cavaliers went up against the James Monroe Mavericks on home turf. The girls put up a tough fight and held their own. The game was so intense, one of our fans got kicked out for unseemly behavior.  Some felt the refs made unfair calls in favor of the Mavericks. Our girls played the best to their ability in spite of the officials not being on their side. They stayed calm, cool and collected and brushed off any bad calls. Even though the Lady Cavs played a good game, it sadly came to a 30-56 loss.

In my personal opinion, I would say Natalie Agee was the player of the game. Many bad calls were made towards her but she continued to play professional. When the Mavericks played rough, she got up and kept going. She had amazing hustle in this game, diving for every out of bound ball, making plays and being a real leader to her team. She is what the Lady Cavs should aspire to be. She didn’t give up hope once in the game even when it wasn’t in her favor.

Keep up the good work girls!