Boys Basketball: New River International Tournament


The #6 Greenbrier West Cavaliers took on the #7 Webster Highlanders in the New River International Tournament on 3/31/2021. The Cavs worked hard ending the 1st Quarter 15-11 Webster up. After battling it out at half time the score was 35-22, Webster still up. At the end of the 3rd Quarter the score was 53-33. The Cavs pushed through the game, but couldn’t make it on top. The final score was  75-46. Although the boys didn’t win they still managed to play their best, so let’s look at our “Player of the Game,” Lawson Vaughan. 


Lawson had 13 points, 9 Rebounds, 2 Blocks, and 1 Steals. Lawson played center, but can also play a power forward. We asked Lawson some of his feelings on last night’s game and he said he felt like, “We didn’t play true to ourselves.” We also asked Lawson some ways he thinks he or the team could improve, and responded with, “[work on] shooting better free throws.” The final question we asked Lawson was, what are 3 things that he has taken away from his team, that he will take forever? Lawson said, “Friendships, Life Lessons, and how to face adversity.” 


We want to congratulate Lawson for becoming Player of the Game. We also want to remind our Cavs to keep your head up! You’ll get them next time! Good luck to the boys in the second round of tournaments! Here they will take on the West-Side Renegades.