Boys Basketball VS Meadow Bridge


On Friday, March 26th, our Greenbrier West boys basketball team played Meadow Bridge at home. Our boys went out and started playing hard which kept them on top the whole game. Our cheering section was bigger than it has been since COVID. You could say our student section is just as enthusiastic as our cheerleaders. They even made up their own chants such as, “You can’t do that”, “That’s our JV”, “Drive home safely” and many more which was getting the opposing team riled up and mad. It was refreshing and fun to see the crowd as enthusiastic and enjoying themselves like they were last year. It is definitely an experience everyone should be a part of. The game itself was not as exciting, our Cavaliers demolished the WildCats and kept a strong lead the whole game. Our boys most definitely enjoyed themselves along with the coaches who put in JV for a portion of the game. The Cavaliers had their head in the game and finished off with a final score of 81-51.