West VS Nicholas County


Raelyn Palmer, Writer

The Greenbrier West Cavaliers took on the Nicholas County Grizzlies in a head to head game, ending in overtime on March 29, 2021. The Cavs and The Grizzlies both ended the fourth quarter tied 72-72. The boys battled ending the game, 87-75. The boys worked hard pulling through, taking the win, but let’s look back and get a take from our “Player of the Game,” to see the inside of what really is going on in Cavalier Basketball.


The Player of the Game is Chase McClung. Chase had 18 points, 16 Rebounds, 2 Blocks, and 2 Steals. Chase is a power forward for the Cavs, but can also play SF or a SG. When asked his favorite thing his team does while playing. He responded with, “ I love how hard we play, I feel like that’s why we have won the games we have, we play extremely hard and well together. We have had a really tough schedule this year, which is really pushing us. So when it comes down to states it will really pay off! They are definitely such a fun team to play with. “ We also asked Chase how he felt about the game last night, and he responded with, “I felt like we didn’t play great but we made big plays down the stretch and got the win in overtime.” At the end of our interview we asked Chase some things he thought that himself personally or as a team should fix so that they can continue to work hard, and keep the winning streak going. Chase said “I think personally I can make smarter plays in big situations, to help my team and as a team we need to play more together. ” 


Our Co. Player of the Game is Gabe Medlin. Gabe had 6 points, 9 rebounds, 2 blocks and 4 steals. Gabe is a center for the Cavs, but can also play a power forward as well. We also asked Gabe his favorite part of playing Cavalier Basketball, and his take was, “My favorite part of basketball is my teammates. They’ve really pushed me and we all come together win or lose and learn to get better everyday. ” We asked Gabe how he felt in last night’s game, and he said “I don’t think we played great but we came together and everyone helped to secure the win in overtime.” Towards the end of our time with Gabe we asked some critiques that he had to let the boys play better, and he said “We’ve faced a lot of good teams that we’ve played before and even though we’ve experienced some loss, I believe it’s preparing us for the playoffs.”  


We are very proud of our Cavalier Basketball team, and we encourage them to continue to push themselves and play hard! Congratulations to Chase McClung and Gabe Medlin for becoming “Player of the Game!” Keep pushing hard boys!!