Legally Blonde Cast List Released


With showtime getting closer, Greenbrier West’s cast of Legally Blonde continues to work hard to put on the best performance they can in May. According to Olivia Hamrick, an actor in the show who plays Kiki and Gaelen, their show is almost finished; only a few more scenes and songs remain to be run through and polished up. To make matters even more exciting, Olivia also said that the show will not be an ordinary production of Legally Blonde, but one with a few twists and changes to make it more “modern” and “funny.” Right now, the show dates are set to be May 21st and 22nd at 7pm, but it has yet to be determined if they will perform for the school or only for parents and family. As someone who loves and misses theater dearly, I would love to be able to see the show, but I understand that covid restrictions continue to make things difficult for everyone this year. 

Getting closer to finishing the show also means that there is finally a cast list for the play. Although it’s not perfect due to cast members coming and going, it’s the first official list we’ve been given. The cast of this year’s production of Legally Blonde is as follows: 

Elle Woods- Delaney Redden 

Emmett- Jacob Whitt

Warner- Elijah Perkins  

Vivienne- Jessica Walkup 

Callahan- Brahm Kesterson 

Paulette- Kadence Fox 

Brooke- Cora Kesterson 

Margot- Loren Hanna

Serena- Abby Bostic
Pilar- Tiffany Redden  

Kate- Brooklynn Griffith 

Gaelen- Olivia Hamrick 

Aaron- Brandon Alderson

Sundeep- Timmy Dalton  

Enid- Jacob Perkins  

Kyle- Evan Thornton 

Dewey- Tanner Hagy  

Chutney- Tessa Barnette  

Sales Woman- Emma Ames  

Store Manager- Rebekah Burke  

Kiki- Olivia Hamrick 

Cashier- Emma Ames 

Stylist- Rebekah Burke  

Grandmaster Chad- Damian Dixon 

Whitney- Braelee Brown
Sabrina- Meagan Poticher 

Prison Guard- Haylie Blair 

Sorority Girls- Tessa Barnette, Emma Ames, Rebekah Burke, Braelee Brown, Kadence Fox, Cora Kesterson, Meagan Poticher