Greenbrier West High School’s Credit Recovery Plan


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Kristen McClung, Reporter/Writer

Here at Greenbrier West High School, there has been a lot of talk about failing students and a recovery program for students. We now have a credit recovery program for our students who are failing core classes. This program helps students with a failing “F” bring their grade up to a passing “D”. 

Our lovely counselors, Mrs. Boggs and Mrs. Hicks, have created a list of kids in grades 9th to 12th grade that either failed a semester or are currently failing.  They’re either sending a form out for those kids to sign up for it, or calling the kids parents about it. They have teachers that are assigned to work the program, creating students to make up work for the semester they had failed. The teachers that are assigned to this are: Mrs. Leef- science, Coach Rob- math, Ms. Bowles- social studies, and Mr. Smailes- English. 

Without this credit recovery program, many of our seniors will not be able to graduate with the rest of their class, and will have to go to summer school to be able to graduate. A bunch of our underclassmen are also failed or failing core classes. This program alone gives them a big opportunity to pass the semester they had failed and catch up with their own classmates. 

With this being said, if you are a student and that has failed a core class subject, please go to your grades assigned counselors to talk about getting into the credit recovery program. If you are a student that is remote and cannot come see them in person, please message them on LivesGrades, email, or call the school and ask to speak with them.