A Final “Aloha” from the Class of ’21


Ariana Mooney, Head Editor

In typical years, senior pictures for the yearbook were meant to look very serious and professional, with black drapes or tux shirts provided for temporary use. But because of covid, it was deemed “unsafe” to share the garments for pictures this year, and seniors would just have to dress like the rest of the classes. 

This news was really upsetting for some seniors as the class of ‘21 has already had so much taken from them. However, this didn’t stop the students from finding opportunity in their loss. After trying to think of a way to make our senior pictures fun and unified, it was decided among a group of seniors that they wanted to try to get as many of their classmates to wear Hawaiian shirts in their pictures as possible – and they were pretty successful.

Curious as to how the idea came about, I asked senior Logan Vandall for some insight.


“We were in English just talking about how it kinda sucked that we weren’t able to wear the drapes and suits like seniors in previous years, and we thought it’d be cool for us to still look “unified” and kinda make it funny and something only our class would do. Adam Ayers is the one who brought up the Hawaiian shirts and we all loved the idea. The idea was actually brought up because a couple of years ago some of the juniors wore the same Hawaiian shirt in their pictures (like five of them) but we kinda wanted to take that to the next level and try to get as many seniors as possible to participate! But in no way were we trying to force anyone to wear anything and they don’t have to participate if they don’t want to! We all just thought it’d be a fun thing to do since Covid has taken so many things from us already.”


Although it wasn’t the entire class, it was a pretty good turn out. Many kids wore Hawaiian shirts in their pictures, and those who didn’t have their own wore one of the shirts that Logan provided herself, so that everyone would at least have the option. I think It’ll be a great thing to look back on in our yearbooks, and adds a positive to all the negatives of this year.