West Wrestling


Tammy Redden

Photo by Stephanie Redden

Our Cavalier wrestlers have won two state titles in a row and are striving to get their third. We are also ranked 1st in Single A in the state. Both are tremendous accomplishments and I have faith that our boys will just keep getting better.

Due to covid-19 there have been some modifications and as aggravating as it may be, it’s not all bad. Some of the wrestlers have said that they are happy they get to weigh in at their home school. But the boys also said that some of the rules/restrictions do not make sense such as, “We get out there, we are not allowed to shake hands, but they have to touch all over each other, so what is the difference?” and “I had a guy poke me in the eyeball, and I’m not allowed to shake his hand?” Even though there are some restrictions, it hasn’t stopped the wrestlers from having a good season. 


Speaking of having a good season, we have a few wrestlers that have gone undefeated so far: Cole Vandall (Freshman), Brad Blevins (Junior) and Noah Brown (Senior). Since we have two state titles in a row this means we also have returning state qualifiers: Brad Blevins, Noah Brown, Clayton Robinson, Joey Terry and Eli White. Clayton Robinson explained, “We have five returning state qualifiers. In order to go to states, you have to go to regionals and place in the top four. And states are the top 16 wrestlers in the state.” I asked coach Jeremy Tincher if he thought they would get another state title this year? He told me, “I think it’s going to be very close. There are 3 or 4 other teams in the mix. But our tradition is an advantage because the boys believe they can win.” Not only is wrestling about what you can do physically but it’s also about the mindset you have. The physical process your body goes through is also mentally hard. You have to constantly push yourself and keep going when you feel like you need to give up. So, I agree with Jeremy, the mindset the boys have going into their meets, regionals and states, will have an effect on their outcome. If they believe they can win, I believe that they will. 


Since Coach Tincher is coming off a state title and hoping to receive another one, I asked him what he would do differently from last season? He replied, “I want to have better team chemistry. I really enjoy how this group of kids get along and they sincerely care about each other’s performance on and off the mat.” With any team activity, not everyone is going to get along 100% of the time and people will butt heads but it’s glad to hear that this year’s wrestling team is having fun, getting along and pushing each other to be better, that is a team. I also asked Tincher if he had any input for this season. He answered, “This bunch has worked really hard and I’ve had a lot fun this year, more than I’ve had in a long time. I’m pleased to be around this group everyday.” 


I continued to talk to Coach Tincher about the recent matches. There was a meet last Saturday at home including: Cabel, Ripley, Shady, Pikeview, and Midland. Jeremy told me, “Cole Vandall, Brad Blevins and Noah Brown wrestled very well.” He also shared that this year has been most of the team’s first highschool meets and it has definitely been an eye opener for them. Then we talked about the most recent meet, 3/10, with Webster, North Marion and Buffalo. Mason Brown said he was a little nervous for the meet. He shared that he always gets a little nervous until he’s on the mat. Now that the meet is over Jeremy expressed that the team as a whole did much better, wrestled well and showed improvement from Saturdays meet to now. He thinks that the 3/10 match showed what Greenbrier West Wrestling is and has been, a very sincere compliment to the boys if I may add. From talking to Jeremy, it is very obvious that he really cares about his wrestlers and is a tremendous coach who wants his boys to be the best they can be on and off the mat. I can say without a doubt that states title or not, all the boys will have an amazing experience this year and because of Jeremy will come out of it as better people and wrestlers.