Senior Blog 2021

Ariana Mooney, Katie Criss, Head Editor, Reporter/Writer, respectively

Prom Update: 3/15/21

Last week an update was posted in google classroom and other important dates. Here are the main points for seniors:

  • Spring Sports: Baseball, softball, and track start today, March 15th.
  • Sports Pictures: Spring sports pictures will be on March 25th at 2:30 pm.
  • CTE Portfolios: CTE completer portfolios are due at 8:30 am on April 7th in the conference room to Mrs. Robertson.
  • Pre-SAT: On April 9th, seniors who are taking the SAT will take the Pre-admission part of the SAT.
  • SAT: The SAT will be held in the old gym on April 13th.
  • NOCTI: NOCTI testing for CTE completers will take place on April 21st and April 22nd.
  • Prom: Junior/Senior prom tickets will be announced and sold in Ms. Gilkeson’s. Prom will be on May 1st at 8pm. All attendees must wear a mask. Tickets are 15$. All guests that do not attend GWHS must fill out a guest form 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Cap & Gown Pictures: Senior cap and gown pictures will be on May 6th. Order forms will be distributed the week before.
  • Senior Portfolios: Senior portfolios are due to Ms. Allen on May 10th.
  • Credit Recovery: Deadline for credit recovery is May 14th.
  • Senior Night: Senior scholarship night is on May 18th at 5:30 pm. Seniors must wear their cap and gowns.
  • Sunrise Breakfast: The sunrise with seniors breakfast will be on May 26th.
  • Graduation Practice: Practice for graduation is mandatory and will take place on May 27th  at 9 am at the state fair grounds in Lewisburg.
  • Senior Parade: The senior parade will take place on May 27th.
  • Graduation: The class of 2021 graduation ceremony will be on May 29th at 7pm at the state fair grounds.

Senioritis: Class of 2021 is Struggling 

Senioritis is the decreased motivation toward studies displayed by students who are nearing the end of high school, college, and graduate school careers. With that being said, the 2020-2021 school year has been extremely hard on every student, but it’s been just a little bit harder on the Class of 2021.

Not only are this year’s seniors worried about getting assignments turned in on Wednesdays by 4:00 pm, but we’re also trying to form plans for life after high school. The new schedule of going back to school for five days a week has helped tremendously with getting work done and turned in on time, but it has also hurt us in the way that most of our bodies aren’t used to getting up at 6:00 am. I know that for myself, hearing my alarm go off in the morning is everything but music to my ears. I often find myself having to set multiple alarms to give myself the motivation to get up out of bed. 

This school year has literally put a halt on my motivation, and I’m sure a lot of other seniors could say that as well.- Katie Criss

We were all out of the education system for months (most of 2020 if you really think about it) and I don’t even know how to “student” anymore.

Graduation is just around the corner- just over 80 days. It has been extremely hard to focus on our studies when we have concerns about the possibility of having a prom or not, how our graduation is going to go, and finishing putting in scholarship, college, and job applications.

However, there is a way that we can combat senioritis: keep a positive attitude and remind ourselves of our end goal.-Katie Criss

Whatever your end goal may be, whether you’re academic bound, already have a job lined up after high school, or you still don’t have a plan yet (that’s still okay), never lose sight of what you want your future to look like. I know it’s so easy to be negative and to hate the predicament that we’re all in, but I think that we should consider all the pros of our situation.

We will still graduate at the end of May, we are surrounded by peers who want us to succeed, and we have  wonderful lives ahead of us. The best thing for us to do, seniors, is to remind ourselves that we’re almost done. Although this year has brought us extremely tough circumstances, we have to finish strong.

We’ve got this in the bag, Class of 2021.    

Update: 3/9/21

Mrs. Boggs sent out a livegrades message with more information regarding Friday’s meeting. Here’s everything I missed:

  • Picture Day: pictures will be this Thursday,  March 11th, starting at 8:30 am with seniors. Remote students can come in for pictures at 2 pm. Makeup pictures will be taken this Friday, March 12th.
  • Scholarships: Scholarship opportunities are sent through livegrades, google classroom, and are available in paper form outside of the office. The Promise Scholarship deadline had been extended, so everyone is encouraged to apply ASAP!
  • ACT: Everyone that has applied for the Promise is eligible to take the ACT for free this year. A schedule for these tests will be released later.
  • SAT: The school SAT will be held here at West on April 13th. A pre-admin session will take place on April 9th at 8:30 am.
  • NOCTI: NOCTI testing will take place April 21st. Makeup testing will be on April 22nd. Some of your instructors will have study guides for you.
  • College Decision Day: Submit pictures of you, your family, etc. with your acceptance letters or on the college campus, military enlistment photos, or photos of you at your workplace to Mrs. Mooney ([email protected]) or Mrs. Boggs ([email protected]).  Make sure to include your full name, the school you will be attending, the program of study, military MOS, and branch of service or employer’s name. These must be submitted by April 30th and the final project is set to be released on May 5th.
  • Cap & Gown orders: If you have not ordered you need to do so ASAP! Contact # 1-304-776-7143. A few are available to borrow, but you need to tell Mrs. Boggs ASAP.  Delivery will take place sometime in April– date TBA.
  • Graduation Dress: (business casual)  inspection will take place during line upGirls: nice dress  — high heels are not recommended due to the dirt trackGuys: khaki style pants (can be khaki, navy, black, etc), button-down shirt or polo shirt (no jeans or work boots)

Senior Meeting 3/5/21

This morning all of the seniors were gathered in the old gym for information regarding the rest of the year. A lot of it was recapping things that have already been sent out or told to us, but there was also discussion of possible events depending on the decisions made on March 15th. This includes plans for prom and graduation, along with a possible “senior week” and make-up spirit week.

Other things that were mentioned include:

  • Baby Pictures: Please bring a baby picture, recent picture, and senior announcement if you have one to Ms. Parker in Ms. Gilkeson’s room.
  • Transcripts: If you still need your transcript, you can order it on
  • Graduation: Our graduation ceremony is on May 29th at the fair grounds. There will also be a graduation practice on May 27th that is mandatory to attend, otherwise you will not be allowed to walk.
  • Senior Parade: There will be a parade for the seniors on May 27th.