GWHS Goes Legally Blonde


During all of the struggles of the pandemic and adjusting to remote learning, everyone is looking for something to get our minds off the stress and a distraction from the chaos around us. Typically, many students and adults alike would use this time to partake in their hobbies, but this year many of us have had our passions taken from us. However, with cases going down and restrictions being lifted, West’s choir program has gone from not being allowed to sing in September to performing their very own production of “Legally Blonde” at the end of the year. 

Rehearsal shot by Loren Hanna

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Mrs. Vaughan and her group of choir students gather to practice for the big show. The students participating will be wearing masks throughout the practices and trying to social distance as much as they can without putting the play in jeopardy. 

Hopefully soon we will have a cast list and more details about the show. Until then, the crew will be working hard to put on a great performance by May, when they plan to have shows on the 21st and 22nd at 7pm.