A Scholarship for One of Our Own


On December 3rd, Evan McDade received news that he was receiving a scholarship from Fairmont State University for $500 per semester. Evan is a senior at West who plays baseball and basketball. When asked how he felt about receiving the wonderful news he replied with, “I’m very excited for it. I’m glad I could get this opportunity to show what I’m capable of for a school I really like and am thankful that they picked me.” Evan wishes to go to school for electrical engineering, and says this scholarship will help him along the way. We all are extremely proud that one of our own has been called to play for a higher-up team. We all wish him the best of luck as he has a long road ahead of him. When asked if he was nervous he said, “Of course I’m nervous, who wouldn’t be? But I think I am capable of playing to the best of my ability for a team I like ” Evan certainly has everyone at West as a proud supporter of him, and we hope his career at Fairmont is prosperous.