Volleyball Sectionals


Monday, November 2nd, 2020, was the beginning of our 2020 volleyball sectionals at Greenbrier West High School. Sectionals is a double elimination tournament which means you have to lose twice to be completely done for the season. Our Volleyball girls went into these games strong. We played Charleston Catholic and won, meaning we did not have to play again until Wednesday. 

On Wednesday, we played Greater Beckley. We started out strong in the first set and won, but they came back and beat us in the next two. We won the fourth set which meant we have to go the full five sets which is kind of rare. Greater Beckley came back and won the game, but  we had another game to play. That same night we went head to head with Charleston Catholic. The girls went into this game determined to stay in the competition. They won and got to play again the next night.

On Thursday, we played Greater Beckley for a second time and won. Our girls fought hard for the plaque and we left there as champions!