Jim Justice Announces New Covid-19 Rules

Photo of Governor Jim Justice


Governor Jim Justice source: Flickr (CC)

New Covid-19 Rules

According to the latest Covid-19 update from Governor Justice, the state needs to quickly turn around the growing number of Covid-19 related illness outbreaks and deaths. This will directly affect GWHS students and staff, as well as the surrounding communities.

These areas are affected:


All winter sports will be postponed to January 11.

Thanksgiving Break:

All WV schools will be closed in all 55 counties for seven days following the previously scheduled Thanksgiving break from November 26-December third, including both public and private schools.

State Businesses:

All state businesses must require and enforce staff and customers to wear face masks in all businesses as of midnight 11/13/20. Children under nine and those with prohibitory health conditions are exempt. Patrons are allowed to temporarily remove their masks for eating.


Hopefully, these news rules will help to slow down the spread of the virus. Please continue to social distance, wear your mask and wash your hands frequently.

Stay safe, everyone!


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