Covid News Update

Ariana Mooney, Head Editor

This morning, just like every school morning,  I drove my little brother down to the bus stop and we waited for his bus to come. We were there at a decent time, and other buses went by, but his bus never came. Not wanting us to be late, I decided to just take him to the middle school and drop him off. What I didn’t know until I had already left was that Western Greenbrier is closed today due to Covid, meaning that I had to go back to the school, pick him up, take him home, then drive myself to the high school. 


Western Greenbrier is one of the many schools that have had continuing problems with Covid. Schools such as Rupert, East, Eastern, and White Sulfur Springs are also closed today. The majority of these schools are only quarantining for 2 days because there was only one case rather than an “outbreak.” Greenbrier West’s football team just got out of quarantine this week and are playing a home playoff game this Saturday.