Volleyball Senior Interviews



Volleyball Senior Interviews


I had the pleasure of interviewing two very talented senior girls on the volleyball team, Logan Vandall and Linzy Sawyers. I asked them questions about their senior night and senior year as a whole. It is their last season as a Cavalier Volleyball player and they will go on to bigger and better things come next year. I wish them both luck as they go on with their lives.

How were your past years of volleyball?

Linzy: I’ve always thought we’ve had a good team and we all played very well together and have always gotten along over the past years and being apart of this team for the past four years I’ve made really good friends.

Logan: It’s been really fun! I’ve made a lot of memories to last a lifetime and I’ve been lucky enough to compete in the state tournament

How is the team this year compared to other years?

Linzy: well we’ve certainly had some ups and downs this year and we started off a little rough when we lost Logan due to an injury and we had to figure out a whole new rotation. we’re very young this year but now that we’re towards the end of the season we’ve really pulled it together and figured out how everyone works and I think that’s what really has made the difference between the past years of volleyball I’ve had, everyone knows what everyone’s strong at and weak at.

Logan: This year’s team is really young but does have a lot of potentials. They’re really hard workers but have their highs and lows like any other team.

How does it feel to be in your last season?

Linzy: honestly very bittersweet it’s like I’m excited for what my future holds after volleyball but I’m extremely sad that I have to leave my team, I’ve gotten so close with most of these girls and I wouldn’t have wanted to play with anyone else and I will for sure be really missing this team when I graduate.

Logan: Bittersweet. I’m gonna miss all the girls and of course playing volleyball because it’s been such a big part of my life for so many years.

Compare what you thought senior night was going to be like to the way you actually felt.

Linzy: it kinda didn’t feel real to me since it was at the beginning of the season, but like 10 minutes after my speech was read I was like oh crap I’m actually a senior and I just had my senior night.

Logan: I thought the bleachers were gonna be packed with my friends and family and obviously I thought I’d be able to play. So the fact that everyone wasn’t able to be there was rough and that I didn’t really get to play the way I wanted to but I was grateful for the opportunity to get to play even just a little bit and was happy that we do have those people that come to every possible game because they are able to.