Safety During Covid


Abigayle Trout, Writer

This year at Greenbrier West High School, we are being safe and protected. There are students at the school every week day besides Wednesday and they get out early so that the teachers can sanitize everything and get ready for
the next day.

We have our Chromebooks everyday ready to work. The teachers are helping the
best they can since the school is split up. They are trying their hardest to get everyone to where
they are supposed to be.

The lunch room is set up so that there is one seat in between each student to help us social distance.
After lunch we go to the gym and sit apart from each other but we can still talk. You can
work on school work in the gym which helps a lot, or you can play basketball.

The buses are also taking precautions to be safe. We wear our masks and we sit apart from each other. If you
don’t have a mask when you get on the bus, they provide one for you. After everyone is off
the bus, the bus driver cleans it.

Remote learning students have their work and are either contacted once a week by a teacher or the student will join a google meet with the other students in their class. Remote learners are given the same amount of work as A and B days, and they turn it in on Wednesdays.

The football games along with other sports will allow only household members in the stands if they
want to go. The cheerleaders will be six feet apart while cheering. According to Madison Winfrey, a current cheerleader, “We are not required to wear our masks during sidelines or competing, but once we leave the sideline or floor for competition, we are required to wear a mask.” The band students will also be six feet apart and will have their equipment with them. The concession stands are not open this season.

Greenbrier West is trying their best to keep everyone safe and protected from the virus. Both the staff and students are working their hardest to get everything done and keep everyone safe.