Homecoming and the Covid-19 Coronavirus

Homecoming is Friday October 23, and with the new concerns over the Corona Virus, everyone is wondering what changes are going to be made to keep everyone safe.

Usually Homecoming is a highly attended event. This year, however, there are restrictions in place regarding attendance at sporting events due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19).

Currently, only family members who live in the same household as the players, band members, and cheerleaders are allowed to attend sporting events. This will remain the same with the addition of family members who reside in the same household as the Homecoming Court attendees.

Attendees on the Court always wear formal attire to present on the field. This year this is not going to change, but there will be an addition to their outfit: a mask. Attendees will be required to wear a mask as they wait in line and as they take the field. The girls will be allowed to remove their masks only when they reach their assigned spot which will be spaced much farther apart than in previous years.

Another change in the Homecoming protocol will be the absence of escorts. In the past, attendees have been escorted onto the field by a parent or guardian. This year due to Covid-19, the ladies will be without escorts.

Although many things are different about this year’s Homecoming at Greenbrier West High School, many things will stay the same. A court was chosen, a game will be played, fans will fill the stadium, and the senior girls will be able to ride out onto the field in a car. Finally, the highlight of the evening will be the same: a Homecoming Queen will be named. Corona Virus has changed this tradition in some ways, but Homecoming will still endure.