Corona Cancels Volleyball

Corona Virus image

Covid-19 Artist’s rendition

Madison Winfrey, Reporter

On Tuesday, the Lady Cavs played a tri-match with Liberty and Pikeview. They won both
games and then proceeded to play Pikeview again on Wednesday, resulting in another win.
They were supposed to play Liberty again on Thursday after their three wins, but unfortunately the game had been cancelled due to a parent of one of Liberty’s players testing positive for Covid-19. Since none of the girls had come in direct contact with the parent, they continued to go to school and practice until finding out on Sunday, October 4th, that the parents daughter had also tested positive for Covid-19. The volleyball players are taking
the correct precautions and will be quarantined until October 14th. Until then, they are doing
remote schooling. They have said that they are all doing fine and haven’t felt any symptoms but are bored out of their minds, as anyone would be.