Welcome to COVID School


Ms. Arp

Brandon Alderson

Hi, welcome to COVID school. This year is pretty crazy and we are all going through many struggles trying to figure out the best way to do things. The CavTalk team is working very hard, and we are planning on keeping everyone updated the best we can.  Over the next few weeks, the team is learning basic skills, so we are starting slowly, but we will be ramping up in weeks to come. Hopefully, there will be no shutdowns in the process. Checking CavTalk is very important because we are trying to keep everyone informed about the new topics that are taking place in our school. Students, Teachers, and even parents should check CavTalk to keep themselves informed, so they know the way the school is functioning and doing things differently due to COVID-19. We hope you have a great year- and don’t worry, it is new to all of us, and you are not in this alone!