Culinary Continues During Covid


Matthew Murphy

With the pandemic making everything about this school year totally crazy and completely different, activities in and out of school have had to make some drastic changes. Curious as to how Culinary was functioning this year, I asked senior Megan McClung if she could fill us in on what they were working on. 


When asked how they were regulating the class with Covid restrictions, McClung said that they were working on getting stickers put on the floor, getting a covering for the entrance, using extra sanitary measures and creating a set menu for their teacher lunch.


One of Culinary’s first projects this year was catering a wedding of 120 people. I had the pleasure of being able to take pictures and ask questions during this process. The students cooking and prepping while I was there were Megan McClung, Farrin Maul, Joseph Taylor, Matthew Murphy, Ashayla Osborne, and Destiny Oxendine. This crew made alfredo, caesar salad, and cookies for the event. Attendees of the wedding loved the food, saying that “chef and his crew never disappoint,” and although I myself was not there, I wholeheartedly agree.