All State Choir Trip


Nicole Jenkins , Photographer and Writer

This year’s All State Choir went to the civics center on Thursday, March 5th- 7th. The kids who went were Kadence Fox, Loren Hanna, Jessica Walkup, Brahm Kesterson, Sloan Stidom, and Elijah Perkins. They got to have 4 to 6 practices before their performance. When they weren’t practicing they were out exploring or at the shopping malls. They stayed at a hotel, they also got free breakfast (Kadence Fox said “They have some of the best milk!”).  On the day of the concert Kadence explained to me that it was extremely stressful but overall it was incredible, they had a great instructor. Kadence told me this was a great experience for her and her fellow All state kids. “It was a great opportunity to meet new people and new experiences.” Kadence said.

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