Daniel Bowie Wrestling Interview


Mackenzie Willoughby, Writer

What does wrestling mean to you?

 Wrestling is a tough and difficult sport, but all together wrestling taught me how to have mental toughness through hard times and to appreciate the process of improving.


What weight class are you in?

160 I cut down from 175.


How do you feel when you win and lose?

When I lose I dont put my head down, when I win I feel pride and enjoyment.


What is it like to be a wrestler?

Wrestling is stressful on the mind and body, but I know throughout all that stress I’ll come out a better person.


Why did you start to wrestle?

To get physically fit and mentally strong and to improve my athleticism. 


Do you get nervous during the matches?`

The first two wrestling meets I was nervous but after the first two I realized what I had to do and that was to push through and win.