Crackhead energy rant, yo, all of this is a joke. =3

Kenia O'Neal and Kassidy Medlin, Writers

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Yo, what is the deal with coming back to school early? Like dude why? Literally every freaking school is coming back to school next monday, and on top of all that stupidness we stay in school longer than all the other schools in this state. wHy tHoUgH?!?!?!? I am literally half asleep doing homework that our spanish teacher assigned during break and I honestly want to die because who on this planet allowed us to be discriminated like this?? Imma need some tape to keep my eyes open at this point to finish these assignments and keep going for the rest of the year because who is motivation? I have never met her.


Seriously, its like this monster of a school system walked all up into my house, dragged me out of bed at 4 in the morning, and then forced me to drink apple juice. What’s the problem with apple juice, you may ask, well, my dear friend they have LiEd about the juice. It wasn’t juice at all. It was yellow dyed water that tastes like it came out of a sewer pipe.