More Vaping Injuries in West Virginia

Vaping is the leading epidemic among students right now. This bad habit damages your respiratory system. Popcorn lung is one condition caused from vaping. It is caused by the intake of Diacetyl, a chemical used to flavor microwave popcorn and used in vape juices. Vaping is affecting most of our students here at GWHS. It is a colossal problem, but at the same time, there is nothing much we can do but warn and prevent you from vaping in school, or even offer assistance in your effort of quitting if you get caught and have to go to Saturday school.


As an expression to show that we care for your future, we would like to warn you of the situation that is here in our state regarding tampered vape juice. Recently, two high school students were sickened from heroin-laced vape juice in Morgantown. There has already been an overdose resulting from using the juice. It is worrisome that the tampered juice may injure our students, as well. If you have any suspicion of someone who may have possession of tampered juice, please report it to the police or even to a staff member here at GWHS.