Interview with Julie Agee


On 11/15/19, our volleyball team will be playing in the West Virginia state volleyball tournament. We decided to highlight some of our senior volleyball players in a series of articles. In this article, we asked our senior, Reegan Lively, about how she feels about playing volleyball.


Why do you like volleyball?

“I like volleyball because it’s really fun. I like the thrill that it gives; it’s a very fast paced game, and it’s really just about who makes more mistakes. So if you’re the team that makes the least amount of mistakes, you win the game. It takes a lot of communication. I like the thrill of gaining points.”


When did you start loving volleyball?

“Well, when I moved here from Pocahontas county , I always played soccer up until my 8th grade year when I started playing volleyball. I actually was out for a little while because I had MRSA. But 8th grade, I started to really get into it, especially because I needed another sport to substitute for soccer. I didn’t really think that anything could be as good as soccer. But I really like volleyball just cause it gives the variety of things you can do in volleyball. You can hit, pass, set. It’s just such a big variety, and I thought it was cool.


Do you get nervous on the court?

“I used to really get nervous on the court, but I know if I hand it over to God, he takes away my nerves away. That’s what I try to do: give everything over to God, and He will help me come down and play for the team.”


What would be your advice to girls who wanted to play volleyball?

“It takes a different variety of skills. You have to have a lot of adrenaline, and you always have to be your toes and really quick on your feet. It just depends on what position you play. If you are a setter, you have to have soft hands; if you are a hitter, you have to have power and force; if you are a passer, you have to be on your toes and have adrenaline.”


Do you want to add a senior quote ?

The quote I always use is Phillipians 4:13. This verse has always meant a lot to m,e especially with sports or any big life event. I know that no matter what, God is always by my side, and I can do anything.