Interview with Mackenzie Winnings

Mackenzie Willoughby and Kaleen Fisher, Writer

On 11/15/19, our volleyball team will be playing in the West Virginia state volleyball tournament. We decided to highlight some of our senior volleyball players in a series of articles. In this article, we asked our senior, Mackenzie Winnings, about how she feels about playing volleyball.


Why do you love volleyball? 

“Because I have played since 6th grade. It helps me take my mind off things, and it’s my favorite sport. I love the feeling of being out there, and all the adrenaline.”


If you had a choice between cheer and volleyball who would you choose?

“I would choose volleyball. Volleyball is more exciting: it’s more of, like, up beat. With cheer it’s just like a routine that happens every Friday.”


What’s it like being on the court?

“You have to pay attention on the court. You have to focus in on the game and all the tips.”


Do you get nervous on the court?

“NO, because I have cheered for a long time and being in the spotlight doesn’t bother me. Because once you get over the fear it just comes natural.”


Congratulations to our volleyball team for their excellent sportsmanship and amazing record this year!