Through Your Eyes by Ali Merci Book Review/Summary

Through Your Eyes by Ali Merci Book Review/Summary

Kassidy Medlin, Writer

Through Your Eyes is a novel that is written from two different perspectives of a girl named Carmen and a boy named Asa. This book delves into racism, bullying, and feelings that hit hard. In this book, two different worlds collide all through an art journal. 

Through Your Eyes is one of my favorite books. I originally found the book on the site Wattpad, and fell in love. Ali Merci writes beautifully makes you feel like you’re there and like you are living in a world that she has created. I genuinely love this book. If you’re looking for a book that will speak to you and let you explore topics like depression, trauma, and bullying through the eyes of people who feel real, or even if you’re looking for a love story, I suggest this book to you. 

WARNING: There is a trigger warning as this book delves into topics that may be hard for some to handle. Read with care. 

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