WV Board of Education Listening Tour


Members of the WVDE

Nicole Jenkins , Reporter and Photographer

On Wednesday October 23, the school held the West Virginia Board of Education Listening Tour. Its purpose was to help let teachers, students, and parents give their opinion on what CTE classes their students are open to take; it also gave people the opportunity to help improve schools.

I asked two of the organizers, “How often do you have these tours?” Oliver Ho and Sarah Stewart answered, “We have them once a month. We have a board meeting in Charleston, but it’s hard for people to get there, so that’s why we have them all around the county.” 

Throughout the school day before the tour, the culinary students had worked very hard preparing food for the events that occurred later that evening. Chef Foley was very happy with the end result of the evening, finding that everyone loved all the different foods there were to choose from.

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