An Interview With Noah Brown!


Noah Brown

   At this year’s homecoming game, our very own Noah Brown, aka “Budda,” broke yet another record this year! Noah Brown is a junior who has been playing football his whole life. He was able to break the school’s record of the most touchdowns in a game, most points scored in an individual game, and the newest one, the single game record of 324 rushing yards. Noah is now the 22nd 1,000 yard rusher in Cavalier History! 

  When asking Noah, “How do you feel about breaking three records this year?”  He stated, “It was a good feeling. You know I worked really hard for it, and I didn’t expect to break records.” But these records weren’t the only thing on his mind. I asked him, “What are your other goals for the rest of the football season?” and he told me, “I wanted to get 2,000 rushing yards and a total of 30 touchdowns this year.” 

   “What about football brings you the most joy?” I asked and Noah began to tell me he “enjoyed stiff-arming people and running the football.”  The most common question people ask of Budda is how much effort he has put into getting this far. Well, fear no more, when I asked this question, he answered with, “I have worked really hard for this, I have spent long hours in the gym and just worked really hard.” The last question I asked was, of course, the question almost anybody asks, “What are your plans after high school?”  Noah’s plan after high school is to get a degree in biology and minor in anatomy and, hopefully, play football at WVU.