Destiny Zickafoose: 2019 Homecoming Queen


Taylor Sanford

Destiny Zickafoose: 2019 Homecoming Queen

Destiny Zickafoose, a senior cheerleader and JROTC cadet here at Greenbrier West, was crowned homecoming queen. I, Haylie Smith, sat down with her to discuss her crowning moment and to let you guys know more about her.


How does it feel to win the title of Greenbrier West Homecoming Queen?

Destiny: “Honestly, to win homecoming queen is an honor. It makes me feel extraordinary. I’m not an athlete or a valedictorian. I’m not your average girl. I’m a JROTC nerd, and I work at DQ.”


What sets you apart from others? Are there any trends that you are known for?

Destiny: “I tend to be the life of the party. I don’t like to be like everyone else.” 


 How are you involved in the school? Sports, extra-curricular activities? 

Destiny: “I am a cheerleader. I am also the battalion commander in JROTC.” 


How do you feel about graduating and leaving West? What are you going to miss?

Destiny: “It’s bittersweet to leave West. I’ve met so many people and became close to a few teachers. I’m mostly going to miss JROTC.  I’ve grown to love it and become close with most cadets in the program. JROTC has helped shape me into the person I am today.”


What are your plans for the future? Which colleges, if any, are you planning to go to?

Destiny: “I plan on joining the army, and after the army, I plan to go to New River and get a degree in cosmetology.” 


Congratulations Destiny!