Spirit Bowl


Nicole Jenkins

Senior entrance

On Thursday October 10th Greenbrier West High School held their annual spirit bowl for homecoming week. To start the day off, each grade sang the Alma Mater and the fight song to be judged: sophomores claimed first in the fight song and seniors claimed first in the Alma Mater.


At 1:15 all students covered the track field for their grand entrance, but seniors requested they do their grand entrance for judging in the old gym. On the field students competed in the egg toss game, the car wash relay, and the football run and punt game.


After the seniors’ grand entrance, each grade participated in the hungry hippo game, the balloon game, and the three-legged race, and finally our cheerleaders lead a few cheers followed by our band playing the fight song.

Students voted for senior queen on their Chromebooks Friday morning.


Winners will be announced on Friday.


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