GWHS Homecoming 2019


Last week was Homecoming Week! All week students met in their homerooms to decorate doors, solve riddles, and many took part of the costume competitions. Students danced the evening away on Wednesday from 7-9 pm. The admission per student was only $2.00! On Thursday, students played games at the Spirit Bowl in the afternoon, and our powerhouse football team combated Pocahontas County Friday. Go Cavs!

Door Decorating Winners!

1st               Byers 9D
2nd              Vaughan 11D
3rd               Mills     11B
4th               McQuain 12A


Athletes VS Mathletes Part 1

[NPG id=4948]

Athletes VS Mathletes Part 2

[NPG id=4965]

Decades Day

[NPG id=4987]

America Day Part 1

[NPG id=5011]

America Day Part 2 

[NPG id=5099]

Color Wars!

[NPG id=5102]

Blue and Gold Day

[NPG id=5166]

Spirit Bowl!

[NPG id=5105]