Lady Bobcats vs. Lady Cavs



Sophomore volleyball player Kenzie O’Dell discussed a recent game: “The Summers County High School volleyball game ended up being a very close game. We won the first two matches and then we got beat the next two matches. It came down to the 5th match and we won but it was very close. Our girls ‘DID NOT’ play to our level and did not work together like we should have, but I believe that if we worked as a team every game we would always take the win,”  Kenzie O’Dell said about the Lady Cavs. 

West won three out of the five matches. In the first match, West won by 25-21. The second match was 25-14. We lost the third match by two points 25-23. In the fourth match we lost by one point 27-26, and the Lady Cavs won the last match by 15-13. The pictures were taken by Marcia Treadway.