Opioid Summit

Opioid Summit

Kaleen Fisher and Nicole Jenkins , Writers

This year, Greenbrier West athletics’ students attended the 2019 Opioid Summit at Marshall University. When we got there, we listened to guest speakers who talked about their lives when they did drugs or knew someone else who had abused drugs, and how they turned their lives around.


The person who had the most impact on us was Rhodo Sciortino, one of the guest speakers. Reason being, she was an eight year-old little girl who was homeless, who is now a millionaire. She told us the time when she came home from school and saw her grandma lying on the floor. They weren’t sure what had happened but it was enough to open up their eyes to help other people so this situation won’t happen again.


If you are someone who is suffering from drugs or know someone who is suffering from drugs you have the ability to turn your life around, but you might need some help. At GWHS, students can get help from our counselors, and we will soon be announcing a new peer coaching team. Read Cavtalk for more information. Be the “#gamechanger,” of someone’s life!


You can contact Tiffany Blair or Miss Boggs for support or help. This year, West also has Peer Recovery Coaches: Aaliyah Painter, Alexis Sloan, Abby Tharp, and Alyssa Snyder.