What’s New Freshman?


Look, I know it’s difficult, you were at the top of middle school, and now you’re back at the bottom. That’s okay, because you will be a senior soon enough. Freshman year will be over before you know it, now I’m going to tell you the do’s and don’ts. 

The first one is always walk on the right side of the hallways. Do not stop in the middle of the hallways, move to the side or something. 

Get to your classes; don’t worry about where your friends are at. 

Three, take notes in most of your classes, so you can go back and read them. Don’t pay attention to any drama, leave the drama somewhere- else do not bring it here. Also don’t pay attention to what the upperclassmen say. Do not stress about your classes. Trust me, when I stressed about them, I got distracted, and it was not the best for me, so I know, from experience, it’s not good for you guys. 

Honestly, just try to make the most out of the school year, because it will be gone in a flash. Now, and I, ooop, just be the best you know you can be. I will see you guys in the hallways; it’s time for me to skskskskskaddle.