West Virginia Gun Laws



I can see people not liking guns a little bit but some of the things people are saying and doing about gun laws are ridiculous. For some people guns are a source of food and a way of life; if you take away guns you are going to hurt a lot of people. I think people don’t realize that it is not the guns that kill people a gun is not going to just go off by itself. I don’t think people think when they are talking about guns and gun violence. Gun carry laws in West Virginia.

Gun control in West Virginia is a grade A according to Nicole Erwin. Hunting and guns are a tradition and a way of life in the Ohio valley and West Virginia and if you take away. Some stores are even making new rules that people cannot bring a gun into their stores concealed carry or not even though the laws say you can if you are seen with a gun in the stores you will be kicked out. I think as long as you take a gun safety course and pass a simple test they should be able to conceal carry a gun anywhere at the age of 21. (Board & Erwin “Deep In Gun Country, Students Speak Out On Gun Violence” MAR 23, 2018).

As the laws are now you can get a permit and carry a gun when you are 18 years old and when you get 21 years old you don’t have to have a permit to conceal carry a handgun. I think that is fine but you should have to complete a gun safety course and pass a background check and things like that, because their are some people that I do not want carrying a gun around. But I think that people should  be able to protect themselves if necessary. Because some of the people that around this area I do not trust at all. (Gutman “Businesses don’t want guns, but won’t ask you to leave” 2017).

West Virginia has enacted a law that prohibits anyone with mental health problems cannot own a gun. I think that this is a great idea because if someone has any kind of mental health problems should not be able to have a gun. A law that West Virginia enacted in 2012 provides additional requirements for persons prohibited from firearm possession. Due to mental health history when petitioning for relief from disability. I know especially around where i live there is a lot of people that are on drugs and you don’t never know what they are going to do. On my road there’s my grandparents and a couple of my cousins but other than that we are surrounded by drugged up people that scare me a little bit because they could break into your house and steal all you have and you need to have a way to protect yourself in case you would happen to be in there when they break in (“Prohibited People: State by State” 2018).

Because of all of these reasons, people should not be against guns as much they are. People shouldn’t be so against them because that is a way of food for some people like my family a lot of us depend of hunting for a good bit of our food.  People have in their heads that if they ban guns that violence will go away but they are wrong, people are still going to have guns, but other people are not going to have their guns to defend them. For another instance my grandparents are 80 years old and if someone would come in there house while they was there they need to be able to defend themselves because if they can’t they are probably going to either get killed or hurt really bad.


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