Prom 2019


Kirstie Keister , Writer

Prom 2019 was Titanic themed. Juniors and Seniors got the opportunity to dress up and come out to the school to dance and have a good time. Students lined up outside of the auditorium and were announced with their dates or alone. After that students went up to the gym, which was very nicely decorated. At the front of the gym was the dance floor, which was made to look like the head of the ship crashing into the iceberg, surrounded by water. The other side of the gym was designed to look like the dining hall of the ship, and it was where the tables were set up and the food was served. At 7:00, they were all in the gym and found a table with their friends. They ate a delicious dinner provided and served by Cavalier Culinary that included roasted beef, chicken, shrimp, roasted potatoes, cheesy broccoli, a vegetable tray, and dessert which was key lime and strawberry parfaits. Mrs. Davis, the art teacher, designed the iceberg and a huge cake that was decorated as the titanic. Jewelia Shrewsbery and Colton Kessler were announced as Prom Queen and King. Destiny Zickafoose and Isaac Brown were Prom Prince and Prince.