Senior Year: Suffering and Surviving


Carley McClung, Head Sports Writer/Co-Head Editor

Do you wake up later and later every day for school? Do you dread coming to school every day? Do you sit in your car in the parking lot until the very last possible minute before a teacher knocks on your window and forces you to go inside? Would you rather jump in a pool of angry, hungry sharks than spend eight hours a day in a small desk? Would you rather fight an angry cobra than spend your time in the evening doing homework? Do you feel the need to wear earplugs in the halls to avoid the sound of your peer’s voices? Do you sometimes wish you could glue your eyelids shut to avoid the sight of younger students tonguing each other in the stairwells?

Well, I don’t have a doctorate but I know enough to diagnose you with a severe case of senioritis. The Senior Ebola. The Senior Infection. The Senioritis. A Senior Year Aneurysm. With this awful condition comes slight depression. Lack of motivation. High levels of frustration. Multiple mental breakdowns. Your gas light is on. Your care-o-meter is broken. Some physical symptoms include the following: bags under your eyes, dark circles, tears on your cheeks, shaking hands, and disappearance from class. If you can survive this dreaded and unavoidable condition, you graduate, just to suffer even more as an adult. Good luck classmates, you’re going to need it.