College Scheduling.. Determining Your Future


Chance Withrow, Writer

Preparing for college can be an extremely stressful time for upcoming freshmen and is the part about college that I am worried about the most. Setting up your college courses wrong could set your graduation back and leave you stranded without the classes that you need. So I looked up some tips on some ways to make sure that both mine and your college careers are as painless as possible.

Base your schedule on what works best: Put your classes during times that you are most active. If you feel that you work best during the morning; take morning classes. If you feel that you work best during the evening; take evening classes. If you schedule a bad class time and end up missing often, you will get behind very quickly. A major part of college is showing up!

Courses and Professors: Make sure that your classes are essential to your degree or that you really desire to learn about it. You need to make sure that the professor is also professional and has good reviews online.

Schedule Some of Your Classes Early: Instead of scheduling all of your classes in the evening and night make sure to schedule some morning classes so you are productive throughout the whole day. This will help you not slack during the days you have off and will help you get more energy so you can have more energy to complete your tasks throughout the day.

Learn What You Can Handle: Don’t take too many hours in one semester and become overwhelmed. If you attempt to take too many classes in one semester you could have trouble keeping up with all of the coursework.