The High School Epidemic; Senioritis

The High School Epidemic; Senioritis

Chance Withrow , Writer

Leading medical researchers have released a public warning on a flare-up of a crippling springtime illness. This illness has destroyed families and ruined GPA’s. The ravenous disease is called Senioritis and affects millions of teens across the world every year. A local expert did a Q&A with our head interviewer.

How can I tell if I have Senioritis? “If you wake up before school and feel like it’s another day in limbo you probably have Senioritis. The math problems become even more boring and you feel yourself slowly drifting to sleep in every class. Eventually, you begin feeling that the fun of “running the dogs” or fishing is more important. The time you usually spend in the first period is soon replaced with sleeping in your bed.”

What are the repercussions? “Senioritis can have crushing consequences on your GPA and social relationships. You begin to wonder why everyone starts messaging you, maybe they think you’re dead or just trapped in your house somewhere. Colleges become a little concerned that your GPA went from a 4.0 all the way down to a very strong 2.0. Your sleep schedule becomes pretty messed up as you lose grasp of time and wonder how you stayed up playing Apex until the time you’d usually wake up.”

How can you cure it? “There is no known cure for Senioritis but there are some ways to treat the symptoms of it. You COULD find a way to ignore the boring work and enjoy the last days you will get to see your friends as much. Or just show up and drift through the process, graduation is the mission!!”