Surviving Move In Day

Surviving Move In Day

Moving into college can be a daunting task for even the most prepared students in high school. Everyone could use some tips that will help their adjustment to campus life. This is a guide on the ways to conduct yourself to make moving in as easy as possible.

Checking It Twice: Before worrying about how to get your supplies to the college of your choice, you must make sure you have everything. Make a list of the things you need and properly categorize these items. You could separate hygienic, leisure, and educational items or create your own custom categories. During move-in days the dorms will be crowded and packed, leading your past organization to allow you to quickly set up your room the way you desire.

Getting There: Decide the distance you will be taking to college and the easiest way to get your belongings there. If you are far enough to need to use an airplane, make sure to calculate the cost of shipping everything. If you are close enough to drive make sure you have enough space to haul your belongings whether it be a trailer or the car itself.

Healthy Roommate Relations: When moving into a college for the first day meeting your roommate can be awkward and sometimes frustrating. An easy way to bypass this is speaking to your roommate before the actual move-in day. Contact them over social media and introduce yourself. You can use this to discuss room decor, boundaries, and how to effectively communicate with the person. Make sure to compromise on subjects that your roommates feel strongly about and stay firm on important behavior to you.

One Step Ahead: Be aware of where important facilities are around the campus. Know where the nearest car park, library, and store is. Take note of the different transportation options that are available around your campus; is there an Amtrak, or are you going to have to take the bus? If you have the motivation be sure to ask questions about where to pick up keys and other supplies before you move in. All of these tips are important ways to safely and effectively have a move in day.