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Life Hacks – Beauty Blog

Life Hacks - Beauty Blog

Tasha Brown and Jaiden Zimmerman, Photographer/ Writer

Prom Makeup

Go big or go home!! Makeup is important for prom. Prom is the night of all nights out of the school year for you to glam yourself up. Depending on the color of design of your dress is the way you should do your makeup.

If your makeup is plain then you should have bold makeup. Glitter might be your go too. Or if you aren’t feeling a bold eye look, maybe a bold lip stick.

If your dress is “poppin” then maybe a subtle makeup look would be best because you don’t want to look like a clown.

Skin and Acne Care

Taking care of your skin should be in a daily routine. Caring for your skin helps prevent acne and even dry skin. Washing your face with a daily face wash in the mornings before you apply your makeup and even after you take your makeup off at night helps prevent dirt build up on your face and takes bad oils on your face away and gives good oils back and prevents the awful acne. Using face masks once a week helps remove dead skin and small hard to reach blackheads. Using an exfoliator also helps remove dead skin cells and softens the skin. But using too much of some products everyday isnt as good for your skin has you may think. Washing your face is excluded from that. You should only be using exfoliator and face masks once a week. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Good brands of skin care products are neutrogena, clean and clear, olay, proactive, nivea, and clinique. They are affordable and they are powerful.

What’s in your makeup bag?

Usually girls have huge makeup bags and have a butt load of makeup in their bag. That is totally fine but no one uses all the makeup they own all in one day. So what’s in your daily makeup bag? Most of the time its your face products, little eye products and some brows. Depending on how much makeup you put on everyday will determine how much makeup you carry around. I want to you give some basic necessities for a smaller makeup bag.

  • Small travel size primers

  • Foundation

  • Powders

  • Mascara

  • Small travel size eyeshadow palette (sometimes you can get one of these that includes highlighters, bronzer, and blush)

  • Some brushes

  • Brows (optional)

  • Etc

Monthly Beauty Subscriptions

There is many, many, many, monthly subscriptions you can get for only $10-$30 a month.  Usually you get your beauty products in a cosmetic bag or it comes in a disposable box. Typically you get 4-5 full size products or 5 samples of products. In these subscriptions you get makeup, hair products, skin care products, makeup brushes and even nail polish and more. Most of the time you can download the app for the subscription or just go online and sign up for it and create your profile to match what your beauty preferences are. It’s a nice thing to have for many reasons. One is that you have more makeup and that’s a plus but also it gives you opportunities to try products you’ve questioned or heard about and wanted to give a try.

Lists of Beauty Subscriptions-

  • Birchbox which is $10 a month plus free shipping. With Birchbox, you’ll get five beauty samples, all picked to match your beauty profile, every month. Plus with when you review all your products, you’ll be able to earn points which can lead to free full sized products in the Birchbox shop!
  • Ipsy which is $10 a month with free shipping. Every month, you’ll get 5 beauty products all based on your beauty preferences. This is by far one of the more popular and highly rated beauty and makeup subscription boxes out there today
  • Play! By Sephora which is also $10 a month. Every month, you’ll get 5 deluxe skin care, makeup, and hair care samples plus a fragrance bonus all of which are handpicked from Sephora’s shelves. All you need to do is fill your beauty profile and you’ll start receiving products based on your preferences.
  • BoxyCharms which is $21 a month. In every Boxycharm box, you’ll receive 4-5 full size luxury beauty items ranging from makeup and skincare to beauty tools and color cosmetics from emerging and established brands. Plus, each box is valued at over $100.

FabFitFun which is $49.99 a box. Four times a year, you’ll get full-size premium beauty and cosmetic products delivered straight to your door.

Moisturizing Skin Care

Moisturizing your skin before you do your makeup will help make your skin look flawless. It will help those little dry cakey spots on your skin after your do your foundation. Also, washing your face with a cleanser helps too.

First thing you should do to avoid dry cakey skin is to wash your face before applying moisturizer and wash your hands so no oils transfer to your face. Then after the wash apply a small amount of the moisturizer all over your face and let it settle within the skin for a few minutes. Then you should apply a primer after that as well. When you start to put on your foundation you will see that the foundation will go on and blend much easier plus it won’t cake up and expose much dryness. Moisturizing the skin does more than just help with the dryness but it helps with making your skin glow and look more radiant.

Cleaning Your Makeup Tools

Cleaning your makeup brushes, beauty sponges and whatever other tools you use is so important. Those tools can build up bacteria that can cause your face to break out and maybe even cause infections. Also, clean brushes are better and easier to use. They make for a better look. To clean your brushes you need to wet the brushes with lukewarm water then drop makeup brush cleaner or soap in the palm of your hand or on a brush cleaning board and wash them using back and forth motions. After that you should rinse the brushes and squeeze out the excess gunk with a clean towel and let them air dry. Don’t forget to wash your beauty blender too! Just pour some dawn dish soap on the blender and caress the soap into it. Put the blender into a cup of water and microwave it for only 30 seconds and let it sit for a minute to cool down then squeeze it out and then take some olive oil conditioner and massage the blender until its soft. It should be clean but if it doesn’t “float your boat” just yet then repeat the process. You should clean your eyeshadow brushes at least once a month. Clean your face brushes and beauty blenders at least once a week due to product build up.

Your Perfect Shade

Ladies and/or some gentlemen have trouble finding their perfect foundation shade. You can
always tell when someone is putting on foundation that isn’t their right skin color by seeing the
“makeup line” near their jaw. Well to fix that little problem to find the right shade for you is right here.

First thing to do when looking for that perfect skin tone color just for you is looking at the inside
of your arm. If your veins appear blue or purple, you’re a cool-toned shade. If your veins appear
green then you’re a warm-toned skin shade. If you’re not sure, you very well might be neutral.
Placing something stark white, like a piece of paper next to your face can help solve the
mystery. The white should create a cast of color on your skin. If your face suddenly appears
pink or blue, you’re cool—and if you look yellow, you’re warm. If your skin seems gray, you’re neutral.

The Beauty of Hair

I’ve had so many disastrous hair tragedies happen to me when I’m in a rush to be somewhere and I end up looking like a hot mess. So, I’m here to tell you the best hacks and hair products to use on your hair so you can have healthy, rejuvenated hair for when you feel like your hair needs it the most. It’s always better to start taking care of your hair sooner, rather than later.

  • Shampooing and Conditioning your hair is one of the top things people underestimate nowadays. Greasy hair is bound to happen to anyone, sometimes a little natural oils from the head is good for the hair. But letting it go for days isn’t healthy. Due to how often you wash your hair will depend on the texture and silkiness of your hair.
  • Make time for hair care as well as cutting and trimming your hair when you have dead ends and need a little refresher.
  • Hair masks have helped my hair stay strong due to the heat i apply to it everyday, i have some natural hair products i wanna share with you that i recommend to keep your hair shiny and hydrated
    • Coconut oil + honey hair mask (repairing)
    • 1 teaspoon of coconut
    • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Directions: mix all the ingredients into a bowl, transfer mix into a pot and heat up until melted, apply to hair from top to bottom and cover with a shower cap, let it sit for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with just lukewarm water.
    • Brown sugar + olive oil hair mask (dry hair)
    • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
    • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • Directions: follow the directions listed above

Blending Your Makeup

Blending your makeup is such an important aspect when doing your face. You must use beauty blenders and brushes to blend your face. You should always, always, always, blend your eyeshadow, bronzer, and foundation, etc. When applying bronzer, never brush the product in a straight line. Instead, use a clean brush and blend by sweeping the brush back and forth in a large windshield wiping motion, followed by smaller circles. When applying foundation, you first prepare your skin with a moisturizer and primer to create a flawless canvas, then dot the foundation in the certain places you want it, and then blend with a brush by using a clean brush and use big circular motions, back and forth. Most of all, blend your darn eyeshadow!! First, prime your lids. Second start with a light eyeshadow and build up the color. After you build up your colors, take a blending eyeshadow brush and start to blend like usual just with smaller motions. After that’s all done, clean up your mistakes. Then you’re all done and you’ll come out looking flawless without harsh lines.

The Power of Makeup

Makeup has been around since before our time. It has many different effects on people. The power of makeup is so much more than just “putting on a face”, some girls and some guys enjoy doing their makeup and some prefer to go without it. Some people wear a lot of it or don’t wear as much, either is completely fine.  Makeup has a type of power on most people. Wearing makeup has the power to make you feel beautiful. It has the power to mask your insecurities. Doing your own makeup or even someone else’s can be therapeutic. When I’m feeling down in the dumps and not feeling so good about myself, I always do my makeup. I’ve asked a few girls around and they’ve said the same thing. There’s something about doing your makeup has always made someone feel more confident and more beautiful even if no one else thinks so. Makeup is sort of like art; your face is the blank canvas, your makeup brushes is your paint brushes, your lipstick, eyeshadow, etc is your paint. It’s your art, decorate it how you want because that is yours. First to be beautiful, you have to feel beautiful and why not feel beautiful how you want too. The way you want too, not the way everyone else wants you too. Makeup gives you that power, use it.

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Life Hacks – Beauty Blog

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