Noah Midkiff; Turning A Dream into Reality


Noah Midkiff, a senior here at West has been one of the best basketball players since his freshman year. Scoring his 1,000 point at their home game against the Fayetteville Pirates. “I have been holding off this for the past 2 games, to make sure I scored my 1,000 point on our own court.” said Midkiff. Noah has been recognized by many state schools for his athletic ability, and has been known for his talent by everyone in our community. He is now a part of the 1,000 point club, along with several other players in the state. “I love basketball, it is my life, but unfortunately after I graduate, I’m giving it up to work for my dad.”

It is sad to hear that Noah isn’t furthering his talents to a college level, but all of our Cavalier Crazies will remember him for his talent and skill, and be proud to say he’s from Greenbrier West.

Picture taken by : Rick Honaker