Senior Portfolios – WHAT YOU NEED


On Friday, January 4th the seniors had a meeting with Mrs.Robertson to discuss the things that they were required to have within their senior portfolio. The students were provided with a checklist, and two books discussing the college application process. In case you have lost your paper we are required to have;

  • A Cover – Includes name, picture, and a quote with credits
  • Table of Contents – The first page will be your table of contents.
  • Professional Documents: Important papers for your career

1: Cover Letter

2: Resume (Nice Paper)

3: Job Application

4: College Application

5: Letter of Recommendation

6: Activity Sheet

7: Transcript

8: Attendance Record

9: Shot Record

  • Tests & Assessments – The standardized tests you have taken throughout your education career. None are specifically required, but attempt to have multiple.

1: ACT/SAT/Placement Tests



4: Smarter Balanced Scores

5: Report Cards

  • Awards – The prestigious awards you have obtained.

1: College Acceptance Letters

2: Military Enlistment Papers


4: Any Awards ( Honor Roll, All-State Teams, Competition, Awards)

  • Work Samples – Papers from all 4 years. Certain ones are required from English.

1: Narrative Essay

2: Where I’m From Poem (Nice Paper)

3: Reflective Essay

4: Letter to Author

5: Work from as many classes as possible.

  • Extracurricular

1: Volunteer Sheet

2: Certification of any kind

It’s recommended you add to the portfolio over time rather than trying to get it all in one day. Make sure to be prepared on Senior Interview day (May 21). Be sure to wear professional clothes to make a good impression on the interviewers. The school year is moving fast so make sure to get this thing complete!