Senior Year: Miserable or Memorable?


Wake up, go to school, shiver all day, then go home and repeat. Come senior year, your frustration levels skyrocket to the point where you feel as if your head’s going to explode. Keeping up with grades, making life-altering decisions, and don’t even get me started on applying for FAFSA! It is one of the most stressful times of a person’s life.

As freshmen, we weren’t completely sure why the seniors always looked as if they hated us, but I understand completely now. As a senior stressing about how to prepare to be an adult, it’s frustrating to be surrounded by immaturity and annoying behavior from younger peers. For example, yelling and running in the halls, cursing constantly, walking on the wrong side of the hallways, and being disrespectful towards teachers. We come here to learn, and behaving immaturely negatively affects the learning environment of others. From the senior class to the ones who behave correctly in the halls and classrooms: Thank you. From the senior class to the ones who behave like we’re still in elementary school: Grow up.